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Electronic Content Management FileDirector Licence
1. Download the program GetSiteCode.exe to a location on the server that FileDirector Server has been, or will be installed.
2. Run GetSideCode and enter the FileDirector Serial Number in the program window.
3. A file with the extension .fds will then be created in the same location where the GetSiteCode program is.
4. Click the Browse button below to select the site code file you have just created and then click Get FileDirector Certificate.
Site Code File:
5. The certificate for your FileDirector installation will be created. Download the certificate file, which will have the extension .fdc.
6. In order to activate FileDirector, after the FileDirector Server has been installed, run the FileDirector Config Utility, and from the Licence tab, browse to the location where you downloaded the certificate file, and then press Apply.