Help from a distance

  • World-wide support via the internet
  • No charge for customers with software assurance
  • No configuration changes required to pc or network


Remote support is the perfect solution when you need immediate assistance, or if there are problems with a Spielberg component installed in one of your foreign branches. Our specialists can solve problems remote – only an internet connection is required.

Remote support is free for you if your system is under valid software assurance. All you need to do is to contact our support team and they will provide a six-digit PIN code. This code is valid for 20 minutes or for the duration of a remote session. The code permits download of a special support program so that our specialists can check your system, if necessary, configure it.

Remote access is possible on practically all Windows PCs. No changes to the security settings on the PC, or even to the network and IT security infrastructure, are required for this to operate.

Simply contact our support team to request remote support.