Searched and found – at lightning speed

  • Full text search
  • Index field search
  • Display a wide range of document types
  • Flexible Display options

ScanFile hitlist

ScanFile V10 makes search and display child’s play – whatever you’re after: just enter your search criteria in the archive or library toolbox. The software then presents you with a list of documents matching the search criteria. Needless to mention, ScanFile also goes through the full document content, where this has been previously read in using full text recognition.

Using the hit-list, the user can initiate a range of functions, such as to print the document or attach it to an email. A personal hit-list is set up for each ScanFile user, so that a dedicated store of frequently-used documents can be maintained.

ScanFile edocview

ScanFile V10 also displays the documents. The software can handle a wide range of file formats. There is no requirement that the software, with which the file was originally created, is installed on the respective PC to display the documents. Zoom and rotate functions are offered by ScanFile, as are extensive navigation functions.

Multiple display windows can be opened, so that you can display more than one page per document. Similarly, ScanFile can display more than one document at the same time. To allow you to keep an overview, you can have a display of miniature views of the pages in each document. And if a page in a document has been revised, it is possible to display any previous version of this page.