Plain archiving

  • Integration in Microsoft Office
  • TWAIN-compatible
  • Integrated drivers for Canon, Panasonic, Plustek and Samsung document Scanners
  • Document revision management

ScanFile V10 makes archiving documents child’s play – no matter what type of document or where it comes from. The application has built-in drivers supporting a wide range of document scanners. Moreover, ScanFile can communicate with all TWAIN compatible scanners and, optional, high-speed scanners interfaces.

ScanFile scan & send

ScanFile V10 can read in individual pages or full batches. All documents are displayed during scanning, so that you can check for quality. If required, documents can be indexed during scanning.

ScanFile V10 integrates with Microsoft Office, so that you can archive documents directly from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. You can also manage revisions of Microsoft Office files.