Don’t waste time on indexing

  • Field functions such as date or numerical fields
  • Barcode recognition
  • Form recognition
  • Full text recognition
ScanFile indexing

Indexing documents can be very time-consuming, but ScanFile v10 contains a large range of functions to make indexing fast and simple. ScanFile offers field functions such as date, numerical fields or index repeat which automatically generate an index entry. In addition, ScanFile can read during scanning and write the values to index fields.

ScanFile V10 form recognition is a particularly smart feature. The function reads data from the documents which, taken together, clearly indicate that this is a form. With the help of the OCR option, zone reading can then complete index fields automatically.

Of course, ScanFile V10 can also cope with full text recognition, so that you can search for a document using given content information. All the options outlined here can be combined in a manner customised to your requirements.