Modular by design

  • Integration in Microsoft Office
  • Works with TWAIN-compatible scanners
  • Numerous options for document display
  • Compatible with a wide range of document formats
  • Document revisions mastered
  • Fully-ergonomic user interface

ScanFile V10 offers you a range of search functions and display tools which are easy to access and easy to use. Microsoft Office integration and handling document revisions are provided even in using the basic version of ScanFile.

Access to each function or option can be granted or denied on an individual basis for each user of ScanFile or WebServer, or for each user group.

Using the comprehensive display tools, you can arrange document display to suit your requirements: the user-configurable display window allows documents to be displayed in a reduced, enlarged or rotated format/way. In addition to rapid scrolling from page to page or document to document, ScanFile V10 also offers a thumbnails view of all pages in a document.

One particularly smart feature is that the combination of ScanFile V10 Wallet and the free Wallet Viewer also allows users to view documents archived in ScanFile, even if they have no access to the archive or ScanFile.

Here is an overview of further ScanFile V10 functions:

    • Flexible document archiving system
    • Comprehensive security
    • Supports b/w and colour scanners
    • Retention management
    • Index and document import
    • Personalised hit list
    • “Send to…” functions
    • Index import
    • Document import
    • Keywords
    • Document memos
    • Annotations
    • TIFFWriter