Makes business processes simpler, noticeable

  • A base full of options
  • Touch-screen-ready
  • Traceablility starts with ScanStation

Already our FileDirector ScanStation basic comes with great features outlining the outstanding concept of user-friendliness. FileDirector ScanStation basic is ready for touchscreens and so the concept takes effect right from the start – the authentication of users. Simply use an RFID card in combination with a 4 digits PIN, entered by touch.
Of course, this concept continues when starting a scan process.
FileDirector ScanStation shows each user exactly the needed scan jobs – all administratively pre-defined, with customisable, self-descriptive images for each job. This offers you the opportunity to show your user an exact example of the type of document a scan job is for.
This means, a user simply has to select the button by touching it on screen, showing the type of document one wants to scan, and FileDirector ScanStation does the rest.

Our basic version offers you a great and simple start for scanning to:

This option offers you the chance to make your documents work for you. Use File Director ScanStation hand-in-hand with the powerful FileDirector BPM and enhance the ease-of-scan concept from scanning with a single touch or click to providing a document to the user who has to process it next, automatically.

Security: Obviously, FileDirector ScanStation basic comes with the whole bunch of all FileDirector ScanStations security and audit features. You will know exactly the history of any document scanned. Each document can be traced back to the point when it first entered the system. This gives you complete peace of mind when thinking of regulatory compliance.