More options, same user-friendliness

  • Additional functionality per click
  • Smart handling of IDs and passports
  • Use web services

Advance in opportunities without losing user-friendliness. FileDirector ScanStation advance provides more options making document processing easier in the same smart and simple way the basic edition provides.
Running a scan job still can be done completely with only 6 clicks and these already include the 4 digits PIN for log-in and one click for log-off but FileDirector ScanStation advance offers you more per click.

In addition to FileDirector basic, it offers you:

Processing of ID cards and passports

It might sound like a simple task, handling ID cards.
Once tried, you will know, that it is not. It starts with copying both sides of an ID card on a single piece of paper, using a photo copier or an MFP device.

Using FileDirector ScanStation advance, it is a complete different experience.
Put the identity document in the scanner and select the “Identity Documents”. ScanStation automatically fits both sides of the identity document on a single page – in original size.
This process can be combined with a real-time web service request providing the user immediately outcome of verification.


Automatic Document Recognition (ADR)

Automatic Document Recognition assigns split documents to different jobs.
The document splitting settings of this group will be used to split scan into documents and the appropriate Job for each document will then be determined using ADR templates.