Highlighted, Captured, Trained

  • Mouse-based Training
  • Training aided by highlighting
  • Digital or paper documents

FileDirector AutoCapture is the smart, first step for your company to deal with all your daily incoming invoices.
A fast process is saved capital, which can then be used for the realisation of other planned projects in your company.

Ergonomical and efficient: Ergonomics starts right with the training, when using FileDirector AutoCapture. Thanks to the separate client, the user can focus on the fundamental aspects – the invoice receipt.
You will notice this concept at the very first contact with the user interface, which provides easy to learn handling thanks to its mouse-based control. It starts with an aided capturing of creditor’s head data, that decreases mouse movements to a minimum and increases ergonomics to the maximum. Simultaneously, the user is visually supported in various ways.

This includes a maximised viewer area and the automatic highlighting of selected information. The highlighting comes with additional background routines. Thus, AutoCapture knows whether the user wants to capture e.g. a post code, a creditor’s name or an invoice value and only highlights the corresponding type of information, when the mouse pointer is moved to the area of an invoice.

AutoCapture thinks/is smart/learns: It is self-evident, that a smart capturing software uses trained routines and settings for known types of documents but FileDirector AutoCapture offers more.

With every receipt trained, the knowledge base of FileDirector AutoCapture grows and is used to support you more and more when capturing new, unknown receipts.
In simple words, File Director AutoCapture learns what you need and where to find it on receipts, automatically.