Highest level of data security

  • Data protection: confidentiality of sensitive business information
  • Audit trail of all accesses and changes
  • Simplified assignment of permissions and access protection
  • No direct access to data (3-layer-architecture)

FileDirector security

FileDirector express comes with its own integrated accounts, and what a user can see and do in FileDirector express is down to the permissions granted.

Documents are stored in cabinets, which can be sub-divided into document types. Index fields can be associated with each document type. A user can be given access to a cabinet, but may not have access to all the document types within that cabinet.

Additionally, a user may be able to create and edit documents within one document type, but only view documents in another one.

As a true client-server solution with a 3-layer architecture, all data requests from users are processed by the FileDirector express server account. Direct access to the database or the storage locations of documents is not possible.