FileDirector connects your company

  • CodelessConnector
  • FileDirector link
  • Web integration
  • SAP integration

FileDirector needs to work together with your existing applications to provide maximum advantage to you and your business. It is a proven fact that stand-alone solutions do not bring about increases in productivity.

That is why our Electronic Content Management solution integrates with outstanding ease into your existing applications landscape. No matter what the applications you use – we are sure to have the right solutions at hand to link in those applications. Whether that requires a standardised link, a link via the web-server integrated in FileDirector, or an interface to your SAP system – FileDirector can provide it.

The really brilliant thing is that linking your existing applications to FileDirector via these paths means that not even a single line of programming code needs to be written. Working together was never easier, faster or more cost-favourable to initiate.

CodelessConnector: Link applications already used in your business to FileDirector WinClient, with absolutely no programming needed. The only requirement is for a link, which can be quickly created, between the application index fields and FileDirector.

After that, users working in third-party applications can search for documents in FileDirector, process index data and even initiate scanning processes using FileDirector which take into account the existing index data.

FileDirector link: Links can be used to call up documents in FileDirector from a company-internal application or commands can be sent to FileDirector WinClient to display existing documents or scan new documents. Specifically-defined URL templates contain the precise index data each time to be used for the search or the scanning operation.

Web integration: The web-server of FileDirector can be integrated into your intranet or into the company’s website. It allows any internet user, or particular customers, to have access to the respective documents. As a matter of course, the security settings for document access can be adapted to suit your own requirements.

SAP integration: FileDirector can be integrated into your SAP system landscape seamlessly and in many ways.

Thanks to ArchiveLink and the SAP Content Server HTTP interface, documents can be stored and opened straight from various SAP applications. FileDirector makes it easy to link your documents to the SAP applications by giving you two choices: Your documents can be linked either directly with SAP application documents or indirectly using the detour of the SAP Document Management System.

Through the Remote Function Call interface read and write access to SAP data is possible for FileDirector. For instance, FileDirector can load different metadata such as descriptive texts or document numbers from the SAP system and store it into FileDirector index fields. Thus, your documents are not only searchable in the SAP applications but also in FileDirector.

From scanning new documents into FileDirector including automated links to the SAP system – no matter if by the use of barcodes, document numbers or any other identification number – through controlling the SAP Document Management System externally from FileDirector, up to the migration of existing data sets by special FileDirector tools: the range of integration options is huge and offers sufficient leeway to implement your individual requirements.

FileDirector SAP® Certified