Compliance under control with FileDirector

  • Controlling document access
  • Tracking access, including activity logs
  • Access period management
  • Controlling business processes

FileDirector Security

No company can afford not being up to the mark when it comes to regulatory matters. And the same applies to requirements relating to the security and recording of documents, retention periods and monitoring. FileDirector comes out of the box with a range of functions to help you control these processes.

A sophisticated security concept provides comprehensive protection for all documents managed in FileDirector. For more details of the security functions, go to <here>.

FileDirector Retention settings

Access period management in FileDirector is another essential tool. It automatically checks the period during which a document needs to remain available, and what is to happen with that document after a specified closed retention period. You can specify these periods – how long documents are to be kept available, along with the criteria to determine the documents for which the setting is valid, and what is to happen once that period has elapsed.

FileDirector Log details

Of course, FileDirector also keeps a log of all activities. Administrators can call up the history at any time to inspect any document activity.

Business Process Management is similarly intelligent, always proving a handle on the route a document takes through your enterprise. Absence functions and alert thresholds prevent processes from grinding to a halt, and overviews allow for comprehensible tracking as to what process stage a document is at. Customisable messages guide users through the daily flow of information, with system-generated emails to flag up documents awaiting attention.