Create, communicate, capture

  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Single and multi-page forms in an instant
  • Great for e.g. customer surveys or reports from your field staff
FileDirector FormularDesigner

Our FormDesigner allows, thanks to its intuitive graphical user interface, the creation of single and multipage forms in an instant.
This can be customer surveys, reports from your support engineers and field staff or simply the vacation requests of your employees.

A simple link is all that you need and your customers can take part, quickly and conveniently, in your surveys.
Subsequently, FileDirector stores the filled form and the information contained therein for further processing – either manually by your staff or automated by the optional FileDirector BusinessProcessManagement.

Support your field staff by providing a way to promptly forward customer requirements in a fast and convenient way to your FileDirector system for further processing.