Received, Imported, Captured

  • No need for printing invoices in PDF format
  • Compliance right from the beginning
  • Easily implemented

You are already receiving your incoming invoice in PDF format, attached to a mail?
These documents can the captured as well and this is simple but effective.
The Basis for this is the combination of the FileDirector AutoCapture routines with our FileDirector MailArchiver*. This provides you a smart and quick implemented solution, without printing all invoices sent in PDF format.

The FileDirector MailArchiver automatically imports all incoming e-mails, sent to your mail inbox dedicated for invoices.
The connection of FileDirector MailArchiver and AutoCapture ensures that all PDF attachements are processed by the smart routines.
This saves not only time and money, It also helps your company with compliance regulations; right from the beginning.

*Part of the optional FileDirector MailStore module